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Hosted By – Nia Lamour

Meet Nia

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

This statement is probably the MOST true for new (hell, even
established) business owners!

There’s just so much damn stuff to know!

Admittedly, sometimes this is a BLESSING. If we all knew
EVERYTHING that went into starting a business, no one would
ever start one…

BUT there’s so much I WISH I had known before I started!

Information that would have saved me sooo many headaches, helped me profit faster, grow with more ease, lead my team with more grace… or just keep more of my damn money.

But honestly… I didn’t know what to ask.

And you rarely see anyone share their REAL struggles or growth lessons on Insta. #nofilter

Well, I say, “WHY NOT?”


The Profit Lounge

Each week, we are going to SERVE THE TEA. on all things marketing, Facebook ad, and business.

The good. The bad. The hilarious.

(It’s all the stuff you DO NOT normally see people talk about my friends…)

Welcome to The Profit Lounge 🤎

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