Ready for a custom Ads strategy that hits all the corners of your business and launches sales to the next level — fast?

Give us 90 days and we’ll help you completely transform your ads and give you the confidence to get sales rockin’ and have clients knockin’ at your door. No sweat, more sales. Pretty simple.

Umm, that whole Facebook Ads thing? 
Not as easy as everyone makes it out to be…

You *want* to automate your business and make money while you zzzzz (ahhh, that passive income dream).

But you’re feeling stuck.

You’ve got a good offer, so you know that isn’t the issue.

You’ve made solid sales. But nothing consistent. Or scaleable. And your warm audience is tapped out.


you or one of your team members have dabbled in Facebook ads, but the results have been minimal to epically disappointing.


you’ve tried to take a course and DIY, but it was just far too confusing and overwhelming.


you’re too afraid to start.
What ads do I run? What audiences do I use? How much do I budget? Will I just lose all my money?

To make matters worse, everyone around you seems to be making BANK with Facebook Ads.

They make it seem like all you have 
to do is toss an ad up, throw a bit of 
money at Facebook, and BOOM. 
The sales roll in.

If only it were that easy…

When it comes to Facebook Ads, there are a LOT of pieces to the puzzle.

We’re talking…

Research. Analysis. Strategy. Budget. Copy. Creative. Experimentation. And about a gazillion other moving parts.

If just ONE piece of the puzzle isn’t in place, then your entire Facebook Ad campaign will crumble (uh oh…)

Good news?

Once all the puzzle pieces are in place, you’ll be able to…

  • Run your Facebook Ads on autopilot (or hand them off to a team member)!
  • Feel confident that your Facebook Ads strategy is primed to convert (rather than second-guessing everything you’re doing)
  • Wake up to a stream of Stripe notifications (Every. Single. Day.)
  • Know exactly what to spend where and make the most out of EVERY dollar
  • Take Fridays off (knowing full well that money’s flowing into your account while you’re relaxing)

Nope, that’s not some far-fetched pipe dream. And yup, that can be your REALITY, sis.

(And you don’t need another course or template to make it happen!)


Strategy Launch
Plan & Support

A 90-day done-with-you service where you will walk away with a customized strategy + launch plan, plus the ongoing support to guarantee your Facebook ads convert like crazy.

This is NOT another course (because, let’s be honest… do you have time for that??)
This is 100% CUSTOM support to set you fully up for success.

Instead, we’ll work WITH you to create a custom launch plan and get your high-converting Facebook ads up and running. ASAP.

We’ll take a close look at your existing funnel and data and develop a strategy uniquely tailored to your business.

‘Cause here at The Agency360, we make decisions ONLY off of data. Your data.

(None of that “well this worked for so-and-so, so it should work for you” crap.)

And then, we give you 1:1 guidance as you implement your plan and scale your success!

By the end of the 90 days,
you’ll have a crystal clear understanding of:

  • Who to target (so you reel in ready-to-buy leads)
  • How to strategically set an ad spend
  • The types of ads to run (copy + design)
  • The ad objectives that will help you get the most out of your ad spend
  • What to test & optimize moving forward

We look at your brand, create the comprehensive plan, you implement the plan, and we support you along the way!

It’s the next best thing to hiring a full-service ads management team AND is the fastest path to making that dream happen.

Let’s break that down. You’ll get:

Success planning call

We will dive deep into your brand, struggles, desires, and goals to ensure you get what you want out of this experience.

Marketing & funnel audit

We’ll analyze what’s working… and what’s not and provide in-depth, easy-to-execute instructions on making adjustments.

A 90-day Strategic
Launch Plan

This plan includes EVERYTHING you need: a budget breakdown, projections, audiences, and testing framework (so that you know exactly what to implement and when)

2 months of
personal support

We will be with you every step as you implement your launch plan!

Bi-weekly ads audits +

We’ll meet to go over your results – and advise you on how to make your ads even better. (THIS PIECE IS ESSENTIAL IF YOU WANT TO RUN A FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN CONFIDENTLY!)

Creative direction +
ad images & copy

Get the creative guidance on reaching your ideal customer and stop the scroll!

Client portal

Where you can get an easy-to-understand overview of your analytics and results (I promise it’s way less confusing than Facebook Ads Manager!)

All of THAT for…

One-time payment


3 payments

1st payment: $1997
2nd payment: $997
3rd payment: $997

It made a huge difference

“Dania helped us pinpoint gaps in our funnel and had a wealth of ideas for ways we could optimize our funnel based on the data. This strategic piece was always missing from other ad managers, and it made a huge difference.”

– Jenny Shih

Strongly Recommend

“I would strongly recommend Dania to anyone that needs help improving their funnel and optimizing their ads so they can lower the cost for advertising and have higher profit margins.”

– Ariel Carr

Our data-backed approach has helped other entrepreneurs get results (FAST)…


Return on ad spend

(In just ONE month!)



Cost of purchase

(in just 3 months!)



Conversion rate

(in 3 months!)



(for a high-ticket offer)

“But… is the 360 Strategy right for me?”


  • You’re a course-creator, coach, service provider, or business owner who sells digital products
  • You have a budget of at least $2000/month for ad spend
  • You’re making (at least) $15k a month in revenue
  • You want someone to manage your ads – but can’t quite afford it (yet!)
  • You’ve sold your flagship offer organically
  • You’re ready to trust the process, experiment, and adapt when necessary

maybe not

  • You have an e-commerce, MLM, or 
    brick-and-mortar business (sorry!)
  • You don’t have a proven offer (or haven’t made many sales)
  • You believe your ads will magically convert overnight
  • You hate experimentation
  • You don’t believe Black Lives Matter (#SorryNotSorry)

And in case you’re wondering…

Our team has helped clients succeed with ALL types of offers (low ticket, high ticket, premium, one-on-one, membership, mastermind…).

And we have experience with every type of funnel, be it an application, webinar, quiz, SLO… you name it, we’ve (probably) done it!

Your 3 steps to a WINNING Facebook ads strategy


Tell us what
you’re looking for

First, you’ll fill out a brief form outlining your struggles and goals. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours, letting you know if we can help you (and if so, what the next steps are).


We jump on a call
(aka the Deep Dive)

If it turns out we ARE a fit (woohoo!), then we’ll jump on a 60-minute Success Call, where we’ll dig DEEP to uncover your goals and come up with a plan of action.


We strategize

Next, we’ll craft a personalized 90-day strategic launch plan based on YOUR data and goals. So you can hit the ground running and start attracting clients like wildfire.

Girl, you don’t need another Facebook ads course…. You need an easy-to-implement strategy that will get you REAL results. And fast.

So… are ya ready to get a tailored strategy that’ll help you run your Facebook ads on autopilot?