What is a Sales Funnel (& Why Your Business Needs One)

by | Jun 15, 2022

If you’re anything like me, your business has a LOT of moving parts — and every part feels like a priority. Yes, each part of the business matters. But when it comes to growing your audience and increasing your revenue, one part reigns supreme: the sales and marketing funnel.

Having a high converting funnel will take you from “just starting out” to “OMG, I can’t believe how fast we crushed our goals!”

Get comfy — I’m spilling the tea on everything you need to know about funnels.

Alright, I’m listening.

What’s a sales and marketing funnel?

It’s a visual layout of your customer’s journey. It helps you figure out how to make a first impression that’ll hook your customer and keep them moving on their path to purchase.

The funnel’s made up of three different stages, each one with a unique goal:

Top of funnel (TOF): Increase brand awareness and attract ideal prospects.
Middle of funnel (MOF): Turn your prospects into leads by building a relationship and establishing trust.
Bottom of funnel (BOF): Turn your leads into buyers, or convert those leads into sales.

Picture it this way: Your customer hops in their car without knowing where they’re going. But they know they’ve got certain things they’ve gotta take care of in their life, like connecting with a financial planner to get their money organized, or finding the perfect-match hair and makeup artist for their wedding. The driver’s your prospective customer — your company’s the destination you want them to visit.

As your customer is driving, they see signs and billboards for your company that you’ve placed on their route. It’s the first time they’ve seen you or even heard of you. They’ve entered the top of the funnel! Now, you’ve gotta keep them driving towards you.

You place more signs and billboards in their path or even play ads on the radio or on their Spotify. Meanwhile, competitor brands are trying to get their attention, too. So as your customer is driving, they’re figuring out which brand suits them better. This is what the middle of the funnel looks like. Keep connecting with them.

After your customer has heard your messages and seen your content, they’re leaning toward giving you a shot. They’ve noted the exit they need to take and they’re heading your way. Success! Right? Not quite. At the bottom of the funnel, they need reassurance that this is the right decision for them. So you send more content their way that promises a fulfilling experience, shows success stories, or you make an offer they can’t deny to seal the deal.

Finally, your customer arrives at their destination — your business. They’ve made their purchase and it’s your turn to deliver.

Gotcha! So why do I need the funnel?

Why Your Business Needs a Sales Funnel?

There are three key reasons:

#1 It clarifies your customer’s journey

What’s your prospect gonna do after you make that first impression? How do you bring them closer to making a purchase? Without a clear strategy you’ll get a ton of leads but no sales, or a lot of website traffic and few buyers. A sales funnel will create a clear path and strategy on how to not only attract new leads but how to nurture, convert and upsell your customers.  P.S 95% of new website visitors will leave without buying on their first visit. A funnel will help reengage them and recapture their attention.

#2 It helps you sustain and scale your business

It’s 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to retain an existing one. That’s a LOT of coins. A funnel lets you upsell your existing audience with multiple offers based on their needs. It keeps your customers hooked and deepens their brand loyalty — giving you the chance to level up your business and revenue.

#3 It identifies gaps in your business model

You can’t operate a successful company in the dark, and the funnel shows you how you’re doing. Since it clearly lays out the roadmap for your customer’s journey, you can use data feedback to see what stages are underperforming. It’ll locate pinch points and roadblocks, helping you identify what areas of your business need improvement.

So, what do I tell my customers at different stages of the funnel?

What Content Should Be At Every Stage of Your Stage Funnel?

Remember, each stage of the funnel has different goals and requires different types of content and messaging.

Here’s what I suggest:

Top of the funnel — let ‘em know you’re here:

  • Free online workshop that’ll attract new leads and provide value
  • Attention-grabbing social media ad
  • SEO-driven blog post
  • Hashtag-driven social posts
    Business CoachBossBabe

      is a business that helps aspiring women business owners start and grow their businesses. This is an example of a free online training being leveraged in their funnel

Middle of the funnel — stand out from the rest:

  • Emails tailored to their interest
  • Webinars and podcasts that show off your expertise
  • Blogs that focus on key aspects of your biz

Bottom of the funnel — seal the deal:

  • Time-sensitive promotion or special offer
  • Case studies that show off your success
  • Money-back guarantee
Example of Facebook Advertising Agency using Case Studies

The Agency360 is a digital marketing agency that specializes in paid advertising. They use case studies in their funnel to show potential clients the results they have gotten for clients similar to their prospects.


Remember that the funnel is crucial to your business. You can’t hang on to your customers, you can’t crush your goals, and you can’t scale without it. And honestly? You won’t feel confident about delivering the goods without it, either. A strategically made funnel keeps you from losing sleep wondering why your business is stuck in a rut or slow to take off. Hard pass on that!

Need more help creating your own funnel? Click Here

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