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Impact Driven + Creative AF + Goal Oriented


Squad Fit

What Makes Us, Us.

Open Heart

We’re compassionate

Open Ears

We listen to learn and understand,
not just to respond

Open Mind

We’re open to different ideas, per-spectives, and beliefs

We Find Solutions, Not Just

Because the goal is to keep getting better, we will address AND fix any issues

Not just complain about them

And lastly, we don’t work with assholes. Period.


We understand that respect should be given and received.

We show respect in how we communicate, treat each


We care about how we are portrayed to the world.

We protect and maintain a reputation that we are all
proud of.


We are here to get results.

Results for our ourselves, our clients, for the company and our community.

Open Positions

There are no open positions at this time. Please check again later for possible openings