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What is included in your ads management services?

Working With Us Includes…

The 360 Treatment

You’ll get a dedicated ad strategist on your team to sniff out profit-making, cost-cutting
opportunities that turn around failing campaigns!

–> It’s like having your own head of marketing but at a fraction of the cost! <–

Ongoing Strategy and Optimization

Testing and experimentation is the KEY to building a funnel that converts. We will quickly and cost-efficiently discover the top-performing personas, targets, copy, and creative. Then we monitor your account — daily — to ensure your ads perform their best.

Creative Direction

Based on data and audience response, we provide feedback and direction on the creative. If something isn’t resonating, we dive deep to uncover the disconnect and how to fix it!

Monthly Data Analysis + Evaluations

Every month, we will provide a report on your income results and projects. Then we will use these numbers to make adjustments and decisions about ad spend, messaging, and scale.

Weekly Tracking + Reporting

We provide weekly reporting on key metrics (i.e. how much are you making compared to what you’re spending) plus ongoing strategic support for all things related to your business’s digital presence. In short, we’ve got you!

Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls

You will feel oh-so-held. We will check in regularly to make sure things are moving as expected or discuss troubleshooting measures. This is by design — we work with a small number of clients to ensure YOUR account receives the attention it deserves.

Copy + Images

If you don’t want to write your copy or create images, this is offered to you as a part of your monthly retainer. We work with industry-leading creatives who have thousands of funnels under their belt.


How long is the onboarding process? I’d like to get my ads up ASAP.

From the day you sign your contract, it takes about 7- 10 days to get your ads live. This can be shorter or longer depending on how long you take to provide our team with the assets needed.


What will my monthly ad spend be?

On our strategy calls, we make budget recommendations based on your goals, historical data, and funnel but we recommend a minimum of $3500 USD per month.


Is there a time commitment?

The ability to consistently invest in ads is what will allow you to see great results from ads. This is why we require a 90-day commitment for our done-for-you service. This will allow us the minimum time needed to test and optimize so you can hit your goals.


I recently launched my business, will you be able to manage my ads?/ Do you work with new business owners?

Congratulations on your new business!

If your business has been operating for less than 6 months and/or is making less than $20k/month, we don’t recommend outsourcing your ads management. With that being said, we offer resources for business owners who are not quite at the place to outsource ads management but would still like to learn about Facebook/Instagram ads.


What types of companies, brands, or industries do you work with?

We have experience working with businesses in almost every industry. At this time we work with coaches, service providers, course creators, or brands with a digital product. Unfortunately, we don’t manage ads for brick and mortar stores and E-commerce brands.


My ad account is disabled, does your agency help me recover my account?

In the event that our client’s account is disabled, we work very closely with them and Facebook to resolve the issue as best as we can. However, we require that our potential clients have an active ad account before starting with us.


What will my return on investment be?

Every business is different and there are several factors that affect your business’ ROI  so it’s impossible for us to guarantee a specific revenue number or ROI. However,. It is important that our clients see a return on their investment and achieving a positive ROI will be the minimum expected goal. We will implement our proven process to help your achieve your goals but it’s also important for you to do your part in this partnership.