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Here’s how The Agency360 System works in ACTION


(It’s a good one)

A business coach came to us with a fairly straightforward funnel that ran from a checklist to a webinar, to a high-ticket coaching package.

The problem? It just wasn’t converting.

Cost per webinar registrants was over $12! #ugh Purchase
conversation rates were abysmal, and the whole campaign was just low revenue, low profit, and low ROAs.

Yeah, not so hot…

To figure out where the gaps were in the funnel, we did what any self-respecting nerd would do — we EXPERIMENTED:

  1. We tested running cold ads to the webinar — it converted wonderfully, which showed us the webinar was great and not the problem.
  2. We ditched the checklist — even though the cost per lead was low for the checklist — the conversion rate was non-existent. Glamor metrics be damned!
  3. We also tested new audiences and variations of lookalikes and

…Did it work?


  • Within 10 days of making these changes, we saw sales for the high-ticket offer more than double.
  • We went from less than $2K in revenue each week to $12K+ consistently each week.
  • And after 30 days, that number jumped to $60K+ (Banked & Booked Revenue)

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    Now that’s what it’s like to work with The Agency360!

    As a business that relies heavily on ads, we’ve worked with many ad teams. Dania and her team went above and beyond. Aside from handling the nuts and bolts of ads on the backend, Dania helped us pinpoint gaps in our funnel and had a wealth of ideas for ways we could optimize our funnel based on the data. This strategic piece was always missing from other ad managers, and it made a huge difference. Our numbers improved month after month thanks to her smart suggestions. On top of that, she’s a kind person and a bright light who genuinely cares about us and the business. She provided a high level of support that allowed us to focus on the things we’re best at. We will recommend her again and again.

    Jenny Shih

    business coach