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We’re the Top-Shelf Bubbly of Ads Management & Digital Marketing.

There’s a reason six- and seven-figure course creators, coaches, and digital entrepreneurs trust us. Because we don’t B.S. with your ads. Your business is already next-level — now it’s time to take your sales there, too!

Ad spend
managed to date

7+ Figure
On the regular

Reduction in ad cost

Webinars. Challenges. Memberships. High-Ticket Funnels. Low-Ticket Funnels. 1:1 Services…

When it comes to funnels + ad campaigns we’ve seen it all, done it all, and bought the t-shirt.

Oh, and we got The Receipts to prove it:

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You are already
PASSIONATE about your work…

…Why not get a team with the 
FIRE, EXPERTISE, ENERGY, and POSITIVITY to match YOUR beautiful biz?

Choose your lane to crush, baby

The Facebook Ads Fast Track

Facebook ads seem so overwhelming but you know if you want to scale (and escape the social media grind) you need them!

You’re either afraid to start OR you aren’t making money

The Fast Track Requirements..

  • Monthly revenue under $15K
  • Your offer is ready to sell or has sold organically
  • You want profitable ads up and running in under 45 days!
  • You want results WITHOUT a fluffy course.

360 Strategy

Your offer has sold organically and now it’s time to automate and scale!

Maybe you (or someone on your team) has dabbled in ads but you’re missing that STRATEGIC piece to take them to the next level!

360 Strategy Requirements…

  • $15K+ monthly revenue + $2K+/month ads budget
  • You want a pro to look at your biz and tell you what you need to do next
  • You need custom strategies tailored to YOU! #AntiCookieCutter
  • You’re not ready for Done-For-You services but that’s the eventual goal!

360 Ads Management

Red carpet. Completely off your plate. Insanely profitable. Constant champagne pops.

If that’s ^^ how you want your marketing to feel, you are in the right place.

scaling your sales beyond belief!!

360 Ads Management Requirements..

  • $30K+ monthly revenue + $3K+/month ads budget
  • You have a team of 2 or more supporting you
  • You have a proven funnel or offer that you’ve sold organically for a hot second.
  • You need a marketing partner you trust 100% and that gets you RESULTS.

It made a huge difference

“Dania helped us pinpoint gaps in our funnel and had a wealth of ideas for ways we could optimize our funnel based on the data. This strategic piece was always missing from other ad managers, and it made a huge difference.”

– Jenny Shih

Hey! I’m Dania (Nia for short),

founder of The Agency360!   

I help six and seven-figure course-creators, coaches, and digital entrepreneurs exponentially grow their businesses with Facebook Ads and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

I’ve worked on live launches and evergreen campaigns, managing ad budgets as low as $3,000/month and up to $250,000/month.

And I’ve served as the secret sauce behind big-name entrepreneurs and brands – like Jasmine Star, Boss Project, Boss Babe and Rachel Rodgers – skyrocketing their sales with Facebook ads.

Let’s put it this way: When it comes to Facebook ads… I don’t mess around.

Our love for what we do is the Spice your business needs…

When you start with us, we break out our designer ads magnifying glass and comb every INCH of your marketing strategy and data. We know that those 6-figure ‘surefire’ strategies and templates are a dime a dozen out there…

…Which is why our  magicreally starts when we craft a personalized strategy that resonates with what makes you, YOU.

‘Cause here’s the thing, sis:

One, YOUR biz is already beautiful, now we’re gonna help it SHINE for your DREAM customers.

Two, We ONLY work with businesses and brands that we’re in total ALIGNMENT with. If you’re here to change the world — we got your back!

And three, we’re D.O.D. for life… that means we make decisions off data.


If we work together, we will be 100% committed to your growth. We will explore uncharted territory and do everything in our power to help you not just succeed… but THRIVE.

Strongly Recommend

“I would strongly recommend Dania to anyone that needs help improving their funnel and optimizing their ads so they can lower the cost for advertising and have higher profit margins.”

– Ariel Carr

Our  values guide everything we do


We will ALWAYS tell it like it is. No B.S. No false promises. No lip service. Like a friend who KNOWS what you need, we’ll support you too! 


We are a Black-owned business. We’re anti-racist. LGBTQ+ allies. We treat EVERYONE with respect. (And only work with clients who do the same.)


Our bread and butter are what puts bread on your table. We hustle hard to get you the results you need and aren’t afraid to switch it up to get there.


We are committed to providing the best work your business deserves. Quality care, quality work. Period.

Things can always
be better

We don’t stop at ‘good enough’ we want it BETTER! If there’s a problem, we solve it. If there’s an issue, it doesn’t go unaddressed.

Happy Workplace

We LOVE what we do and help one another shine. That passion and support we give to each other are the same we provide to you and your biz.

You don’t need another Facebook ads template.

You need a customized ads strategy and support from a team of data-driven experts

So… pick your antidote…