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Tell me if any of the following sounds familiar…


Your head hitting the table as you watch yet another Facebook ad campaign fumble + fail.


Throwing your computer through a window when your ads agency gives yet another excuse for lack-luster results OR you can’t get the damn ads to convert, yourself.


Your toilet clogged by all the cash you just flushed down the drain.


Collapsing on the couch, attempting to binge-watch your frustration away.

If this  has been your experience with Facebook ads,


No matter what anyone tells you…




The truth is

Facebook has worked very hard to make you think running Facebook Ads is so simple your dog could do it.

Well, your dog can’t do it.

(Unless your dog has a fearless sense of experimentation, savvy strategy smarts, tech skill wizardry, and Picasso-level creativity*)

Facebook ads are like an onion. Simple and smooth on the surface, but incredibly multi-layered underneath.

 (And will sometimes make you cry.)

A successful ad campaign (the kind that creates tears of JOY) needs to have a complex system of research, analysis, strategy, experimentation, and an absurd amount of moving parts to work.

If any of those parts aren’t working at maximum capacity–
things tend to go as we saw above — BAM, CRASH, GURGLE, FLOP. 

Lucky for you,

The Agency360

provides the FULL range of skills you need to get massive ROI, attract swoon-worthy clients, and scale your business like WOAH —

— without false promises,
wasted budget,
or (any other) nonsense.

Hi, I’m Dania Cummings,

the founder of The Agency360

I’m a Facebook ads strategist to six and seven-figure course creators, coaches, and digital entrepreneurs looking to exponentially grow their businesses with paid advertising.

When it comes to managing your strategy, I don’t mess around.

I’ve worked on successful live launches and evergreen campaigns managing ad budgets as low as $3,000/month to as much as $250,000/month.

If that sounds like a lot of money to put into Facebook advertising, then you know why I take my job dead serious and why my team feels the same way.

Unlike most ad agencies, we’re not here to fluff your ego with empty promises or give you unrealistic expectations just to make you feel good.

…because you know when
you will ACTUALLY feel good?

When you are making
a TON of money with your ads!

We ENSURE that happens with our unconventional data-driven approach and a panoramic view of the entire marketing landscape.

We don’t just implement your strategy. We come to the table with ideas and recommendations.

You won’t find any cookie-cutter, outdated,
well-it-worked-for-someone-else strategies here. We’re strictly D.O.D. That means we make Decisions Off Data.

Your data. Yup, we’re nerds, and we’re proud of it!

In Short… If you’re down to experiment, trust the process, nimbly adapt when necessary, and pivot like a pro — your Facebook marketing campaign WILL convert. We will make sure of it.


(It’s a good one.)

Here’s how The Agency360 System works in ACTION:

A business coach came to us with a fairly straightforward funnel that ran from a checklist to a webinar, to a high-ticket coaching package.

The problem? It just wasn’t converting.

Cost per webinar registrants was over $12! #ugh Purchase conversation rates were abysmal, and the whole campaign was just low revenue, low profit, and low ROAs.

Yeah, not so hot…


To figure out where the gaps were in the funnel, we did what any self-respecting nerd would do — we EXPERIMENTED:

1. We tested running cold ads to the webinar — it converted wonderfully, which showed us the webinar was great and not the problem.

2. We ditched the checklist — even though the cost per lead was low for the checklist — the conversion rate was non-existent. Glamor metrics be damned!

3. We also tested new audiences and variations of lookalikes and created images and copy based on different avatars and historical data.

…Did it work?



  • Within 10 days of making these changes, we saw sales for the high-ticket offer more than double.
  • We went from less than $2K in revenue each week to $12K+ consistently each week.
  • And after 30 days, that number jumped to $60K+ (Banked & Booked Revenue)

Client Love

Hi Dania!

Open Cart is off to a GREAT start.

I am already certain this will be a huge launch, as we are almost to $500k in sales before 12pm on Open cart day. Wait… what?! haha.

As a business that relies heavily on ads, we’ve worked with many ad teams. Dania and her team went above and beyond. Aside from handling the nuts and bolts of ads on the backend, Dania helped us pinpoint gaps in our funnel and had a wealth of ideas for ways we could optimize our funnel based on the data. This strategic piece was always missing from other ad managers, and it made a huge difference. Our numbers improved month after month thanks to her smart suggestions. On top of that, she’s a kind person and a bright light who genuinely cares about us and the business. She provided a high level of support that allowed us to focus on the things we’re best at. We will recommend her again and again.

Working With Us Includes…

The 360 Treatment

You’ll get a dedicated ad strategist on your team to sniff out profit-making, cost-cutting opportunities that turn around failing campaigns!

–> It’s like having your own head of marketing but at a fraction of the cost! <–

Ongoing Strategy and Optimization

Testing and experimentation is the KEY to building a funnel that converts. We will quickly and cost-efficiently discover the top-performing personas, targets, copy, and creative. Then we monitor your account — daily — to ensure your ads perform their best.

Creative Direction

Based on data and audience response, we provide feedback and direction on the creative. If something isn’t resonating, we dive deep to uncover the disconnect and how to fix it!

Monthly Data Analysis + Evaluations

Every month, we will provide a report on your income results and projects. Then we will use these numbers to make adjustments and
decisions about ad spend, messaging,
and scale.

Weekly Tracking + Reporting

We provide weekly reporting on key metrics (i.e. how much are you making compared to what you’re spending) plus ongoing strategic support for all things related to your business’s digital presence. In short, we’ve got you!

Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls

You will feel oh-so-held. We will check in
regularly to make sure things are moving as expected or discuss troubleshooting measures. This is by design — we work with a small number of clients to ensure YOUR account receives the attention it deserves.

Copy + Images

If you don’t want to write your copy or create images, this is offered to you as a part of your monthly retainer. We work with industry-leading creatives who have thousands of funnels under their belt.

Do we Vibe? Let’s find out!

We only work with a tiny handful of done-for-you clients.
This is for a few reasons.


We want to ensure each client gets the personalized attention they deserve to run a successful campaign.


We only work with the businesses we believe in and clients who we like and who like us!


Life is too short not to love what we’re doing every day. We want to make sure our employees and contractors LOVE their jobs and are paid well. Instead of an overworked contractor, you get a focused and dedicated
professional — Win-Win!

If you’re vibing with this page and are still reading…there’s a good chance we’re going to be fast friends. Click the link below to apply for a call today.

(*If your dog does have these skills, do they need a job? We might be hiring…)

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